Asean College Games (AUG) is a worldwide multi-sport occasion including 11 nations (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Lao PDR, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, and Timor Leste) in the Southeast Asia. This occasion is held semiannually. There were 20 game branches that were challenged in this global game occasion, in particular: Swimming, Plunging, Toxophilism, Sports, Badminton, B-ball, Ocean side Volleyball, Chess, Fenching, Football, Futsal, Karate, Pencak Silat, Pentaque, Sepak Takraw, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Volleyball, and Wushu.

There are numerous goals to be accomplished through this gathering, among others, are as per the following: to rouse the partaking understudies to have the option to foster their worldwide knowledge particularly in the field of sports; to urge the taking part understudies to contend and accomplish the most noteworthy conceivable accomplishment in sports on the public and global level, to empower fellowship among understudies of the multitude of partaking nations of Asean, and to work on the picture of the host country in the worldwide discussion through the support of the understudies of the host country in the Worldwide احسن جامعه فى مصر game occasion. There are numerous positive sides of this occasion. From the part of improvement, the taking part nations are urged to foster their nations’ game framework and offices to have the option to be the host of this occasion. Thusly, an ASEAN part country that plans to be the host of the following AUG occasion ought to set itself up in a time of 2 years before the occasion is held. It can gain from the past host country on the off chance that it has never been the host of the occasion.

The binding together job of Asean College Games will be additionally improved by the way that this locale will be joined into Asean Financial People group (AEC) starting from 2015. Numerous significant figures in the district said that fellowship among the Asean nations ought to be started by the Asean adolescents who will at last be the heads of this area later on. In his discourse at the Initial Service of the seventeenth AUG 2014 in Palembang, Jusuf Kalla, the VP of Indonesia expected that the Asean College Games would turn into an image of kinship among the young people and the understudies of Asean nations and the field for accomplishing the most noteworthy accomplishment in sports. It’s undeniably true that games and youth’s associations play a significant part during the time spent character working of youngsters. Through the AUG the young people of ASEAN nations figure out how to contend and to accomplish the most noteworthy potential accomplishments in sports. Also, ideally they will start worldwide companionship with the individual competitors from different nations during the occasion. It is normal that through this kinship, common comprehension and collaboration among the residents of the associated countries will be reinforced. As the AEC is carried out, the requirement for understanding each other among the residents of the ASEAN part nations is considerably more expected to cultivate the execution of the Asean Financial People group.