Craigslist is a well know,Craigslist Marketing – How To Choose The Right Section On Craigslist To Promote Your Business Articles the biggest classified site on the internet. It gathers all kind of people looking to sell or buy something. You can also benefit form this site using craigslist marketing techniques. First thing you need to think about before posting is section and city. That’s what this article will cover.

Promoting business you have to choose sections where people are looking for business ads. The one’s that can work for you may be for sale>business, services>sml biz ads and jobs. It’s all depends what are you promoting, are you looking for new craigslist personals employers to your organization, or are you just looking to promote your business?

The next thing you should consider to look is cities where you are going to post to. If your business is targeted to specific city post only in it. You can also use power of multiply posting on Craigslist. If you business is more global you can try posting on top Craigslist cities. If you will go to Craigslist on top left you will see list of top cities by traffic. Post to all of them to get the most traffic. You can also go to alexa and in traffic details which subdomains – cities get the most page views, you will get more broad results.

Craigslist marketing is all about showing your ad to the right group. People that are interested in your business, product. Always keep on mind what is your customer looking for and where perhaps will go in Craigslist. Try to think as you client and design your ad and choose section that you tihnk is the most appropriate. It’s good also to test which sections bring you highest conversions. I would suggest you to use some tracking tool to know exactly how much traffic do you get from each section.

You should Craigslist to promote your business because it’s one of the biggest traffic sites in the world. Learning craigslist marketing is not that hard, it goes with experience and testing. After you will see your first results than what you should do is just repeat, repeat and repeat.